Through a Wishing Well EP

by These Polar Opposites

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This was made in early to mid 2010; I was seventeen and recorded it in my parent's basement on a digital 16-track recorder/mixer, with very little processing and more than disappointing preamps. Anyway, I made this with some friends from high school and other bands that I was friends with and we never had real artwork made for it (that's the dresser that's still in my room though). Some of these songs still mean a lot to me but I was rash and close-minded and I don't feel the same way about most of these things as I did then. Track Three is still my favorite though.



released January 28, 2012

Alex Denuzzio- Keyboards
Joe Ryan- Bass
Paul Hare- Drums
Jimmy Baseman- Trumpet
Lucas Fendlay- Everything Else



all rights reserved


These Polar Opposites Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For booking: Come say hi and hang out and hug Dylan or something. Our record is free to download, take it

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Track Name: A Sketch of a Painting
It seems that every thought I dream of takes the place of an old one,
And even though the most beautiful things get lost.
It’s growing harder to stay involved,
It’s growing heavier to be enthralled
And I swear that I’m trying as hard as my muscles can
To level my head.

I would fall asleep driving or my heart would stop beating,
As I’m mouthing the words to some song that I’m hearing,
I’m not really sure what your expression meant,
No, I’m not really sure where your intentions met.

It seems that every day, the sun rises and I should be thankful for that.
And I know I have value, but sometimes, I forget.
I walked far away and I watched the ground,
Move under my feet,
The light and the warmth and the comfort,
Well they all left me.

I looked from my focus to see a man, with the face of some brutal disease,
Like a habit with no intention of quitting, the reasons for forgetting sleep.
His eyes were lost in the sky, he looked lonely and hopeless and scared,
And I started wondering if that’s what I would become.

When I passed him, he pulled down his head,
And his vision, it met mine.
I started singing the words to a song that I hadn’t finished yet,
And he lowered his eyes.
Track Name: We'll Never Touch the Ground
The light has faded thin and all the airplanes in the skies
Could not help themselves to fall back to the ground.
And all day, when we were waiting for the train to arrive,
No, we are not patient, and we are not understanding.
I read in the paper that across some foreign sea,
There lives a man whose feet will never touch the ground,
Because some time ago, he buried his fragile heart,
And since then he has been free, he has been free.

I will never hear what really happened on the night
You kept your harrowing fear out of sight.
You held it out of sight from me.

The water holds no cover as our figures break through it
And when we lower, then we can remove our masks.
For the sake of easy breathing and, avoiding the unknown,
We try to concentrate on keeping a steady tone.
I saw on some commercial that our bodies will dissolve,
Long before they’re finished being worn.
And a breeze will carry every sulking fit and every smile
Off with it, never to be seen again.

I will never see a reason for your mind
To finally release its hold on your actions.
I will never feel content after I lost
My grasp of what is real, and what is not.
Oh, what is not, this is not.
Track Name: To Cast to the Concrete
Remember, the house where we used to sing in the yard
And we’d wait for the sun or the moon to come.
It’s not like it really came anyway,
It’s not like it ever came anyway.
We’d lie, we’d talk, we’d tell secrets,
like what it feels like to die in a dream.
And though my body falls hard every time,
I find myself rising like steam,
I collected my breath when it froze to the glass.

I saw a boy with blue eyes, he was tired and
Aiming entirely too high to reach but,
He stood by the water, and gathered a handful of rocks
That would make their way ‘cross the surface,
Again, I was waiting and hoping for another dime
To cast in the concrete forever,
As long as it takes away hours of pain
So I can try to close my eyes again.
I wouldn’t wake you, unless it could not wait.

For now, I must fight to keep my eyes focused on what is in front of me,
For if I forget that the world’s flying past, my future’s over.
I’m mining for gold in a coal shaft, and be damned if I didn’t have luck,
But the air is so stale that it’s heavy and filling my lungs.

Yeah, for now, I must suffer and clench my jaws and hands
Your absence says it all, yeah you’re absence describes it all.
I’m waiting for the flood to take me so far away from here,
I’ve been practicing and learning to disappear.
Track Name: The Noise Would Lower
It started when he exclaimed that the surface of our yellow moon was round
And if it isn’t the same moon I saw when I was young, I’m scared.
The only reason it revolves around us so consistently
Is to reassure us, to offer us some validity.
I choked when I tried to say that again, I’ve tied myself up in this rope,
And as the sun finally came, it brought it’s heat and became some sight of hope.
The only reason it rises is ‘cos it’s gotten so used to it.
And if it wasn’t, well we wouldn’t question, no we wouldn’t notice it.

Maybe I’m the one who’s so obsessed with the cold,
That even when it’s gone, I don’t let my heartbeat slow.
I argued with the fallen leaves, so graceful in their deaths,
And I laid down on the barren land.

I swear that I’ve touched nothing, I just closed my eyes and slept.
For days in my blank white room.
And I promised that the noise would lower and give your head some rest,
And I’m hoping that it still will happen soon,
I’m hoping that it still will happen soon.

I said that the air will freeze and on that morning, we won’t be able to stand,
As far as I can see, that morning is coming faster and faster.
I won’t hesitate to wish on a well, and I know that it won’t come true,

Maybe I’m the one who won’t look towards the end,
Because I’m so afraid that it won’t come.
I watched the snowflakes fall, like everyone has seen before
They were perfect, and if the Spring starts, they’ll be gone.
Yeah, I’ll be grateful if the Spring comes,
I won’t look back at this darkness,
I’ll be thankful for the warmth from the perfect sun.
Track Name: Recited Our Words
Well the world was not speaking to me, before I interjected my voice,
This city wasn’t built with disease, but look what’s infected our poise.
Before the curtains draw, I breathe in and remind myself not to be scared.
We talk like we think, but we’re just pulling our strings and hoping that we say something new.
We are not here for only one reason, no, there needs, there needs to be more,
Because this glass is not clean enough to see my reflection, and this isn’t something I can ignore.

Everything reminds me of when the sky became blue,
Everything reminds me how the rain feels so warm,
Everything reminds me of what I’m not missing,
Everything reminds me of you.

The poets recited their words like they had spoke too soon.
And then they shielded their eyes to hide in plain sight.
Like when we broke a rule and to avoid being scolded,
We always buried our truths.

Everything reminds me of how my teeth show all the time,
Everything reminds me of what I was wishing for,
Everything reminds me of the silver at the bottom of the well,
Everything reminds me to protect this small peace of mind.