Track One.


I held a magnifying glass to the image on a mirror,
thinking details become clearer when closer.
When the focal point expands, I'll be a black and white outline of some figure that was drawn in my head.

But I think we're close to it,
I'm sure we hold it dear,
cause I cannot stop revolving around
every thought I have about your heart.
I held a telescope lens pointed into the empty skies,
and I think I miss the stars the most now, out of anything else.
And you know there's a train, sweetheart, it cuts this city in half,
just like the horizon by buildings.

I could see your breath,
so you put your hands in mine.
No, you're not alone,
and I think I hate this part just as much as you do.

We built this up so it has to live up to our expectations,
holding weight in our lungs only to keep ourselves anxious.
Yeah, it was sweet when we met, and it stayed that way the whole time.
(We kept it static without trying.)

I held a microscope lens to the surface of a picture,
thinking details become clearer when closer.


from Life is an Impulse (Love is an Impulse), released June 18, 2013
Additional Vocals performed by Lisle Hummerston. (thank you, Lisle!)
Additional Electric Guitar, performed by Dan Acevedo.



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These Polar Opposites Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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