Track Five. Dedicated to my friend, Liz.


Nothing evil ever looks evil,
and nothing awful ever feels awful
until something precious proves to be too elusive
for our awkward hands, they hesitate and they fumble.

Rarely precious things are willing to let us latch on.
Oh, we act so entitled (because we are).
If this rope wasn't so thin, well I think I would feel more ready
to stray a little bit further away.
Cause a ball of yarn unrolled to reach the length of the globe
when the ends were pulled taut.
So we tied a knot and hoped the twisting, bright red wire would hold
our bodies in place (fading into the air).

You are not gone if I still can form the thought, if I can see your figure,
Calm, I try and keep it cool and collected
(Like I made you out of clay).

I read your name in calligraphy, that's the way you always signed it
on a folded paper plate.
So far, so good, so stable, no we haven't yet fallen down from our mirror,
watch where you step because I think the rope is losing tension.


from Life is an Impulse (Love is an Impulse), released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved


These Polar Opposites Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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