We're Cautious, We're Careful

from by These Polar Opposites

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Track Eight. Title Track.


I woke up to the sunrise and I reached into the air,
to block the blinding light and burning eyes.
Remember that the room was dark and I remember I took your hand,
I felt more wide awake than any other morning.
I woke up to the sunrise and you reached into the air,
to hide the smile drawn across your face.
I left the room and when I looked into a mirror,
I was blinded by some perfect, awkward grace.

Oh, do you remember the meteor shower and the way we got away
with everything, with all the things that we should not have?
Cause we were liars, but we were confident ones, so unafraid to move,
even though we were still skeptical.

Cause I talk in my sleep and I dream with my eyes open,
and I speak to myself just to keep some sound alive.
Well the moons' glow was so bright that I could not ignore it,
it was all I could do, it was a strain to close my eyes.
And I swear that the stars had all gone before I noticed
that the numbers on the screen, they were flashing and focused on twelve.
Cause I sing best when I'm so tired, I can't think straight.
But that night was so perfect, so flawless, so carefully held.

The hourglass bled out on the tile floor and when I finally found it,
I could not feel a pulse.
Well the ropes around my wrist, they're only there so that the light won't shift,
and leave those hours to vanish in the dark.
Oh, do you remember the meteor shower and the way that we would not touch
until the sun came up and the nerves had all worn off of us.
Because all night, I was counting breaths, just to try and keep with your time,
but your heart beats faster than mine.

I think this life is an impulse,
I think this world in an impulse,
I think that love is an impulse,
and I think that we were restless.

The strings held taut, both ends tied to my fingers,
can't you see the Cat's Cradle woven in my hands?
And it's a wonder we held ourselves back from what we wanted,
cause from the start, we were both so eager for the end.


from Life is an Impulse (Love is an Impulse), released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved


These Polar Opposites Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For booking: thesepolaropposites@gmail.com. Come say hi and hang out and hug Dylan or something. Our record is free to download, take it

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